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Accédez à l'essentiel

Accédez facilement aux informations essentielles. Chattez avec vos invités et communiquer les informations indispensable au bon déroulement de vos activités grace aux widgets.

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Immortalisez vos sorties

Immortalise les moments forts de tes événements en partageant des photos.
Chaque participants peut ainsi contribuer à l’album commun de l’évènement qui sera révélé plus tard.


Notre Équipe

Diane Decourt picture

Diane Decourt

Co-founder & CEO

Diane has a background in fashion, luxury and technology. Starting her career in the fashion industry in Paris, she specialize in shoes and leather goods in Italy. Her passion for learning led her to study computer science at 42 school in Paris, where she developed a strong foundation in the field. With her background in both fashion and technology, she hopes to make a significant impact.

Tom Tranchet picture

Tom Tranchet

Co-founder & CTPO

Tom is a developer with a strong foundation in technology taught through self-study and education at 42. Dedicated to improving the user experience through his work in design, he is always looking for ways to bring new ideas to the table. Tom is a team player and is always willing to collaborate and contribute his skills to a project. He takes pride in delivering excellent and high-quality products.